About Tribehool
Tribehool is a social networking platform for tribes, Tribes can connect and chat with families and friends and share movies, photos, opinions, information, knowledge, collect points and earn cash and explore much more.

Tribehool is a tribal based social networking website where you can collect information about different tribes and tribal culture. You can connect with your family, friends and many tribes across the world. Make friends, chat with them, share photos, videos, information, opinions and do other social activities like writing blogs raising funds and many more. Question - Where did the idea come from? Answer - According to a research it has been proved that indigenous people have a better ability to adapt to and manage their environment than anyone else. Tribes are the primitive nature worshipers but today's changing lifestyle has damaged the sensation of being a nature conserver in some or the other way. People are influenced more towards the western culture leaving behind their own tradition. In this modern era not only the tribal people living in urban areas but also the rural tribes are moving towards Western culture and lifestyle. This is a matter of concern for all of us as this may lead to worldwide tribe extinction. Thus, we decided to build an online platform where people can gather information and can discover the hidden talent of the tribes. Through this website, one can explore the unseen side of the tribal lifestyle and culture. Users are provided a platform where they can present their talents in front of the world. In this way, one can make his / her own identity and also can support their own tribe by getting it known across the world.