Intern Graphic Design , Plus Demand

Intern Graphic Design , Plus Demand
Job Description
We at Plus Demand have the vision of empowering our Santali and other marginalized
communities through design. We know that we have our own script Olchiki, our own language,
our own religion, and our own identity. And if we don\'t work on and express our identity, we
will lose our identity. Join Plus Demand and help us empower our Santali and other
marginalized communities.
We started our journey in early 2020 and we have started selling our graphic products. We
have over 100 designs on various niches now. And we deliver anywhere in India. We are
constantly improving our products. Our goal at Plus Demand is to empower 2.5lakh Santals
through our products and services and we want an amazing like-minded person to join our
You will work remotely from home.
Intern- Graphic Designer
Key Qualifications
● Ability to work independently.
● Proficient in digital design tools(Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, etc).
● Portfolio of work samples.
Responsibilities and Duties
● Work with member of our graphic design team.
● Create graphic designs and sketches for Plus Demand.
● Ability to take initiative on ideas and drive towards a creative solution.
If you are interested, send your CV to or whatsapp at +917044183018

Art & Design ₹2000 - ₹0

Photographer photoshop

Boyha ku judi jahay minak piya tahle contact us tabun pe Fake do bang kana ☺️

Art & Design ₹4500 - ₹6000
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