Santali food items to try and enjoy part 1

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Tribal food has always been the topic of enigma and wonder. Everyone wants to know as to what plays a major role in the plates of a Tribal household. Today we will explore some of the food items of the Santali tribe.


Leto is a famous Santali dish. It is made up of holong(grinded rice) and sim jil(chicken). First the rice is grinded. Then the chicken is cooked. Then both of them are mixed together. Leto is prepared during festivals and also as a snack.


Jil pitha:-

Chicken or meat are mixed with holong(grinded rice) and put inside sal leaves. They are provided heat in an optimum manner on the chulha or stove. After getting cooked the mixture takes the form of a pancake and is eaten. Jil pitha is cooked mostly during Sakrat and plays an important role in Santali household.


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Jil Pith Do Adi Sibila🤪🤪