One man can change the world

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I have always believed that one man can change the world , and that's true.

One man can change the world is the line i always say to myself when I feel low. It is a good pep talk type of thing and it really works, you know. Never underrestimate youself, never restrict yourself just because what people think about you! In the world full of negativity you need to be you , you need to be true. I think i would be lying if i say i never feel underconfident, because i always do, but this is what i always preach myself 'one man can change the world'. And i think people should get this point, that they can do anything , they have potential for evreything, but what they have to do is just believe in themselves.�

Mayra1729 3 yrs

yeah it's true 😇

Puja Tudu 3 yrs

Absolutely ?