Why Titanium Dioxide is A Wonderous Material?

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The global titanium dioxide market is predicted to exhibit a CAGR of 4.5% from 2020 to 2030.

Titanium is found in Earth’s crust also found in animals and plants. This natural element combines with oxygen forming various oxides, found in ores, soils, and sand. The most significant compound of Titanium is Titanium dioxide, a white powder having plentiful roles in medicine and numerous other industries.

What is Titanium dioxide?

Titanium dioxide occurs naturally. It is formed as a white powder in bulk form because of its low-cost material.

Importance of Titanium Dioxide in Medicine

Owing to its profusion and obtainability of a powdered form, TiO2 is an extensively used pigment for offering whiteness and opaqueness. It is also employed in paints and enamels. Furthermore, it assists in the life cycle of medication owing to the same reasons.

Where Titanium Dioxide is Used?


It is used as a pigment to add boldness of colors to any matter. As doctors want tablets in different colors for patients to differentiate, TiO2 is crucial in the same. The use of Titanium dioxide as a pigment for coloring the tablets helps medical professionals as well as patients. Some patients having limited eyesight can distinguish medicines because of different colors. Sometimes the colors of tablets are also put to use for differentiating its different doses.


As Titanium dioxide has an unbelievable resistance to UVA and UVB emissions, it can shield the external packaging of drugs. It is used for coating to protect some medical tablets and bids photosensitive shield to medicines spoiled by visible lights. Some tablets vulnerable to UV light deprivation are also saved because of TiO2 outer coating.


It has the stability to throw the light and captivate UV rays for protecting the inside stuff. Medicines are particularly packed with a TiO2 layer for maintaining shelf life and avert early moisture, light degradation, and heat. This is the reason most medical parcels are packed with an external protective film of Titanium dioxide.

Pharma Uses of Titanium Dioxide

The pharma industry has numerous reasons to use this in their products. The leading use is sunscreens for blocking UV rays. The working of Titanium dioxide is like to Zinc Oxide. Pigment grade TiO2 is used in pharma products like gelatin, tablets, capsules, and syrups. Occasionally it is too used in and powders and ointments.

Pigment grade TiO2 is also used in cosmetics as its high opaqueness helps some cosmetics for hiding marks and scars and hence enhance the skin. From time-to-time it is also used in makeup materials for same blemishing effect. Furthermore, its inertness makes it safe for human skin.

Biological Significance of Titanium Dioxide

The importance of Titanium has made human life easy. Since it is inert for human body, it will not be disallowed. Hence, Titanium is used in creation of orthopaedic and alveolar implants for the human body. Because of its non-ferromagnetic behavior, it is not be tracked in MRI, and henceforth the implant will be effective. The same holds true for Titanium alloys and compounds, as numerous are used in implants and facial procedures.

There is no absolutely no doubt that the uses of Titanium and its compounds make it an amazing element. It caters to pharmaceutical, surgical, chemical, producer, and cosmetic requirements in numerous industries. The role of Titanium dioxide is increasing in the medical sector, and the total demand will reach over $24,026 million in the coming years.

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