On-Demand Logistics Market Will Produce USD 75.0 Billion Revenue by 2030

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Due to its increasing significance in the pandemic-ridden world of today, on-demand logistics has seen substantial development over the past few years and has turned into an industry term.

The most enticing benefits of adopting on-demand logistics over traditional logistics are its lower operational costs and less environmental impact. More such practical elements that enhance both the results and the whole process are the broad usage of paperless invoicing, advancements in digital technologies, and efficient delivery methods.

The use of on-demand logistics makes it easier to monitor the inventory as it enters and exits the warehouse. Additionally, it produces error-free tracking of all the commodities, machinery, and products. When users input the product ID, they get quick access to all the data. According to a report by PS Intelligence, the on-demand logistics market is predicted to reach USD 75.0 billion value by 2030.


Emerging Economies Will Provide Service Providers with Lucrative Opportunities

The surging demand in developing nations presents a profitable potential for participants in the on-demand logistics industry. Customers from developing markets are becoming a significant worldwide force for online activities online, including on-demand logistics, because of the quick adoption of smartphones and ensuring access to the internet.

In emerging economies, urbanization, industrialization, and family income are all predicted to rise, and this is predicted to correspond with an increase in the percentage of consumer spending made online. It will aid in easing logistical difficulties including fewer bookings, poor profitability, and low vehicle utilization rates.


Demand for B2C Deliveries Will Grow Faster than B2B

Business-to-customer (B2C) sales will increase rapidly in the on-demand logistics sector throughout the anticipated term. This might be attributable to the services being accessible through very user-friendly smartphone applications.